A place to set
your roots.

Combining the vibrancy of city life with unparalleled tranquility, Stonehaven is a striking new offering from Ballymore. Situated in prosperous, historic Naas, these spacious, elegant homes are for those who want to set roots, to grow and to breathe.

Stonehaven caters to the longing for improved housing and enhanced access to outdoor spaces while fostering a thriving community.
Stonehaven represents a fresh residential concept that paves the way for a sustainable, 21st-century lifestyle.
Development Map
Room to move.

Amenities will include a playground, exercise areas with fitness equipment, a multisport ballcourt, a dog park and spacious curated natural landscaping with dedicated walking routes.

A place to set your roots.
Nestled in picturesque surroundings, Stonehaven offers easy access to Dublin.
Stonehaven, where exceptional design and exceptional comfort meet.